Innovative development of vacuum cleaner motors program: Domel’s exceptional journey

12. 02. 2024 | Karmen Nastran

Domel has established a strong foundation for success through its development of vacuum cleaner units. Its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation and setting industry trends positions it as one of the leading manufacturing companies in the field.

Historical background

The journey to success began in the 1970s, when Domel initiated the vacuum cleaner unit program by supplying brush vacuum motors to an American client. Today, the program is recognized for its exceptional diversity and extensive reach. Originating from modest origins, it has evolved into a program that still holds a prestigious position in Domel’s product portfolio. Tomaž Stanonik leads as the Director of the Business Unit for Collector Motors.

Dedicated team

The business unit for vacuum cleaner units comprises numerous experts across various departments. Presently, around 50 committed employees actively contribute to the vacuum cleaner unit program, participating in sales, product development, technical support, technology and quality. Beginning of 2024, over 140 employees will be engaged in production.

Supporting their seamless operations are other central services, including planning, procurement and logistics.


Market leadership

Domel has rightfully earned its position as the largest European manufacturer of vacuum cleaner units.The products crafted by Domel stand out for achieving top-tier efficiencies in the industry, striking a superior balance between power and weight. With exceptional features and a track record of high reliability, their vacuum cleaner units are predominantly chosen for premium market segments.

These units can be found in the market’s quietest vacuum cleaners, emitting only 57 dB of noise. Additionally, they are preferred in devices requiring high efficiency, showcasing Domel’s technical prowess. One notable accomplishment is their remarkably fast-spinning universal motor incorporated in paint sprayers.

Global presence

With manufacturing operations in China since 2006, Domel followed its customers who relocated their vacuum cleaner production there. Domel strives to remain cost-competitive and expand its production, leading to the opening of a production facility in Serbia in 2019. The distribution across countries and global presence across continents is illustrated in the diagram below.


Mass production

The production of motors for vacuum cleaner units at Domel surpasses the scale of production for other motor programs within the company. Currently, 15 motor families are included in regular production, enabling them to be present in diverse applications.

If we take the diameters of the best-selling vacuum cleaner unit and place them next to each other, we cover a little more than half the circumference of the Earth!



Domel’s vacuum cleaner units find use in a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from industrial to household. They are integrated both into various types of vacuum cleaners and into dryers, extraction systems, floor cleaners and paint sprayers.


Cutting-edge development and testing

Their motors undergo continuous testing in state-of-the-art laboratories, ensuring the top-notch quality of the product range.

Innovation and setting trends

Domel continues to be a trendsetter in the field of vacuum cleaner units. As a development supplier, they constantly adapt to the preferences of their customers, utilize new materials and pioneer new technologies. The latest trends include motors for battery applications. A significant part of the development takes place in a virtual environment, enabling faster adaptation to market demands.

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