Open House Day, Autumn 2022

14. 10. 2022
Open House Day, Autumn 2022

"We promote social responsibility through our conduct and environmentally friendly products, as well as through acting responsible in our local environment, and so today we are opening our company's door to the general public," said CEO Matjaž Čemažar, greeting visitors at the opening of the newly built addition at Na Plavžu.

At the end of September and on the first Saturday in October 2022, Domel welcomed the general public at all four production sites in Slovenia. We opened new premises at Na Plavžu in Železniki and a recently renovated part of our building in Reteče. Visitors were able to take a tour of our production facilities at Otoki in Železniki and at Trata in Škofja Loka.  Our guests and visitors were very impressed with our tool shop, production processes, and new business premises.

This year we are celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of producing EC motors. This technology has primarily replaced collector motors, which have a limited service life, but today it also replaces asynchronous motors, as it is significantly more energy efficient. This is becoming a key advantage, offering great opportunities for reducing electricity consumption.

Visitors were amazed by how many finished products have a Domel motor. They were impressed with our impeccable standards, and pleased to see the smiling faces of our workers on the lines.

There were many visitors from all age groups, including potential new hires, whom the HR staff warmly received and informed of their employment, scholarship and practical training options.

Our excellent team of engineers gave a clear and interesting presentation of the company. We showed how modern and technologically advanced Domel is.