Platinum excellence

04. 10. 2022
Platinum excellence

Dun & Bradstreet conducts financial analyses of businesses as part of an international project and has a long-standing tradition of awarding certificates of credit rating excellence to companies in twelve European countries, including Slovenia. A certificate of credit rating excellence is reserved for companies with an above-average credit rating.

For the fourth year, Dun & Bradstreet selected companies with platinum credit rating excellence (i.e., companies that, according to the new failure score model, have achieved the highest class, Class AAA, for at least three years in a row). DOMEL, d.o.o. was among the companies selected this year.

Companies eligible to receive the platinum credit rating excellence certificate serve as role models for those that do not have it yet. Excellent payment discipline is important for the financial health of any company, and so it is vital to foster a culture of achieving AAA standards, and thus remain in good financial condition.

The platinum certificate is a special and prestigious award, and the highest recognition of business excellence presented by Dun & Bradstreet at the European level.

Recent years have seen positive economic trends, but the percentage of companies achieving credit rating excellence has continued to be quite low. Those companies that achieved and maintained consistent business success over the years, including Domel, have been faced with great challenges this year. The failure score (FS) model, which Dun & Bradstreet uses as the basis for calculating credit rating excellence, yields the most reliable rating we can use at present, when accurate predictions are especially difficult to obtain.

Domel’s credit rating excellence certificate demonstrates that we are among the most reliable, credible and low-risk companies to work with. This applies to any business partner, from clients, buyers, and suppliers, to insurance companies, banks and others. The certificate is recognised and respected across the EU.