Stäubli Robotics and Domel: Industrial Automation Partners

01. 12. 2022 | Karmen Nastran
Stäubli Robotics and Domel: Industrial Automation Partners

Development and technical support provided by two reliable and effective partners

Domel has been working with Stäubli for twenty years now, covering sales and servicing activities for industrial robots in Slovenia and the Western Balkans. Based on our successful cooperation, we've been awarded a Strategic Partner certificate.

Stäubli's robotic arms can be used in almost any industrial sector. Its product range includes four- and six-axis industrial robots, cobots (collaborative robots) and mobile robotic systems. Wherever speed, precision and reliability are critical, Stäubli robots offer the right solution. Its robotic arms are designed to operate effectively in virtually any conditions: in the automotive industry, the food sector and plastics industry, with machine tools, in cleanroom environments and photovoltaics.

Michal Šára, Stäubli's Robotics Director for Central and Southeast Europe, said the following about the cooperation between the two companies: "In its nearly 130 years of operation, Stäubli has become a global provider of and a specialist in mechanical and mechatronic solutions for fluid and electrical connectors, quick mould change systems, automatic tool changers, robotics and textile machines. We would not have been able to achieve this without our long-standing partnerships with both our end customers and our partners who integrate our solutions into their own technologies. Domel d.o.o., based in Železniki, Slovenia, is one of our strategic partners. Domel uses Stäubli robots in its production, and thus knows it can rely on our technology. Top-quality fabrication, solid components and optimal efficiency are only some of the reasons for the long lifespan of Stäubli robots, which, in terms of their low total cost of ownership (TCO), have quickly become competitive on the market."

Slika: Skupni dogodek podjetij Stäubli in Domel, na katerem smo predstavili robote TX2 v Sloveniji.
Photo: A joint event held by Stäubli and Domel, at which the TX2 robots were presented in Slovenia.