The Domel team undergoing advanced logistics training in Poznan

24. 05. 2022

A course in advanced logistics training was held from 26 to 28 April in Poznan, Poland. The training is an integral part of the activities planned as part of the NEXTLOG project, of which Domel is a partner. It was attended by Gašper Gašperšič from the supply chain planning department, Tjaša Šolar from developmental logistics and Benjamin Seljak, warehouse manager.

Fig 1: Training participants (photo: WSL)

The aim of the training was to test the usefulness of logistical content that had been prepared by professors from Greece, Poland and Slovenia. The content was prepared to ensure the competitive competence of students who will graduate from logistics faculties in the medium term. It is also intended for the internal training of employees in companies such as Domel. The training included the following content:

1.      Sustainability as a service in supply chains & the manager of the future, Jakub Brzezinski, MA, UoL

2.      New technologies in logistics, Waldemar Osmólski, Ph.D., WSL, Matjaž Maletič, Ph.D., UMA

3.      Intelligent logistics and transportation systems, Prof. Dilay Celebi Gonidis, Ph.D., SEERC

The event took place at the Poznan School of Logistics (WSL). The training was followed by networking among logistics experts, including a tour of the city.

Fig 2: Poznan (photo: Benjamin Seljak)