We've presented awards to the best innovators of 2021

08. 04. 2022

The theme of this year's award ceremony was very topical: sustainable development.

We've presented awards to the best innovators of 2021

We also bore sustainable development in mind when selecting the guest of honour for the event: Prof. Adriana Rejc Buhovac. Working with Buhovac has been very pleasant and efficient, because we share the same values and views on our company's sustainable development.

The result of sustainable development is a society that reflects respect for others in the sense of acknowledging differences and diversity, and respect for natural resources; a society that meets all its needs without compromising the development and growth of others. Is this also the story of Domel? All the award winners prove it is through their work.

Every year, we also use the award ceremony to commemorate an important anniversary. This year we celebrated the 30th anniversary of producing EC motors. Thirty years ago we began producing EC vacuum units, but today we're also producing a wide range of motors in addition to these.

There's another important milestone we should mention: just this past week we recorded 150 million vacuum units produced.

On this occasion, we presented:

  • Ten bronze innovation awards to: Aleksander Pirih, Andraž Rant, Danijel Bajrektarević, Elizabeta Thaler, Franc Repnik, Gašper Tolar, Igor Demšar, Matej Bevk, Nejc Černilogar and Rok Vrhunc;
  • Nine silver innovation awards to: Borut Fejfar, Darja Strnad Martinčič, Gregor Vidmar, Igor Prezelj, Janez Marguč, Klemen Polak, Marko Mlakar, Tilen Vrhunc and Rok Dobravec;
  • An innovation mentor award to: Vili Logonder;
  • An award for the largest number of innovation proposals submitted to: Rok Dobravec;
  • An award recognising Domel's values of responsibility and concern for employees to: Alenka Katrašnik;
  • A quality award to: Tomaž Furlan;
  • An award to the development team for the professional innovation of a universal single-station rotor balancing machine;
  • An award for implementing the TPM method to the series of turbine wheels from Reteče.

This year's gold winner is Miha Kržišnik, from the electronics development department at the EC Systems business unit. He has proposed many innovative solutions over the past fifteen years of working for the company. Miha regularly proposes improvements that exceed his supervisors' expectations, offer new sales opportunities and improve our products.

Our goals are clear, and all employees work together to raise the innovation culture at our company. These awards prove that we develop sustainable solutions, and that we can do even better!