Introducing EC Systems

02. 10. 2023 | Karmen Nastran

EC Systems, a business unit operating independently since 1998 under the able leadership of Mr Lojze Demšar, stands out as one of the most successful units within the Domel company. EC Systems manages its own sales, development, technology and quality control, while central services like planning, procurement and logistics support them.


Team and Work Environment

Currently, around 70 dedicated employees are involved in EC Systems’ programmes, primarily hailing from the Selška Dolina region and the vicinity of Škofja Loka. They operate cohesively as a team, conducting regular monthly programme meetings and weekly troubleshooting sessions. The department maintains a seamless flow of information, fostering a productive working atmosphere.

At the end of each year, the sales, development and production leaders present the results of the past year and outline plans for the upcoming year to all employees, including production workers. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone understands their roles and contributions. Additionally, the team comes together twice a year for a summer picnic and a pre-New Year celebration. In the winter, some colleagues even gather for Tuesday evening football matches, strengthening their bonds outside of work.



EC Systems predominantly specializes in fume extraction systems , followed by industrial vacuum cleaners, fuel cells, washing disinfectors and printing machines. Over the last three years, they have actively engaged in hydrogen technology, offering comprehensive solutions for air supply and pumps for hydrogen recirculation. This commitment aligns with their efforts to contribute to a greener future by reducing carbon footprints and preserving the environment for future generations.



Major Markets

In 2023, the largest markets for EC Systems are:  



EC blowers find applications wherever:

a) long lifetime is essential, with their minimum expected operational time of 20,000 hours;  

b) where the absence of brush dust is required, unlike traditional vacuum units;

c) precision control is required.

The EC blower&pump product range covers various voltages (low voltage, high voltage, DC and AC), with blowers ranging up to 2,500W in power. A global EC blower has been introduced operating at 100–240V, along with CAN communication capabilities for seamless integration with other systems.


EC Systems actively fosters innovation, generating numerous proposals, some of which have received awards. Notably, two Gold Award recipients hail from this business unit.

Business Facilities

Since July 2020, a new expansion has been in place to accommodate increased production needs.


EC Systems establish a flexible medium-volume production approach, enabling the assembly of various products within a single shift. Since 2014, they’ve operated on two shifts. This year is expected to see a production increase of approximately 10%. They produce over 300 different blower concepts, necessitating an exceptionally flexible production process.


Sales and Development

Regular market trend monitoring guides EC Systems’ sales strategy, with a focus on identifying market needs before embarking on new product development. They currently serve over 250 different customers. All aspects of product development, including electronics and motor development, are carried out in-house. The development encompasses mechanical, electrical and software aspects.

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