Vacuum Motors / Air Pumps (Through flow motors)

Vacuum cleaner motors with high efficiency are used for dry aspiration. Vacuum cleaner motors consist of universal commutator motor and single or double fan stages. The rotor is supported with two ball bearings enabling vertical or horizontal installation of motor. Different motors are designed for different insulation classes and are constructed according to EN 60335-1.

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Vacuum Motors/Air Pumps (Through flow motors)
Vacuum Motors/Air Pumps (Through flow motors)

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Advantages of our through flow vacuum motors are compact design, reliability and high efficiency.

Input Power P1 600 W to 2600 W
Output Power P2 to 850 W
Vacuum to 35 kPa
Efficiency up to 50%
Diameter 107 mm, 110 mm 120 mm, 130mm, 135 mm, 145 mm
  • Household

    • Canister vacs
    • Upright vacs
    • Stick vacs
    • Handheld vacs
    • Central vacs
    • Hand dryer
    • Spa bath
    • Painting applications
  • Industrial and commercial

    • Industrial vacuum cleaners
    • Central vacuum cleaners
    • Special portable vacuum cleaner
    • Automotive industry applications
    • Welding dust vacuuming
    • Air purification systems
    • Painting industry applications
    • Wood industry applications
    • Mail distribution (by the tubes)
    • Plastic Material Handling/Pellet Transfer
  • Medical and Laboratory

    • Dental vacuums
    • Washer-disinfectors (drying)
    • Dental laboratory equipment (dust collectors)
    • Medical laser fume and particle evaporation
    • Cryotherapy