Brushless Motors / Drives (Atomizer)

Domel’s Water Atomiser (Cloudmaker) is based on a high speed brushless motor, which rotates up to 25.000 RPM. High rotation of the motor and sprayer head (made out of porous material) is producing very small liquid droplets, the size of which can be adjusted by the control of the speed of atomizer.

Atomizer housings and shaft are made out of stainless steel and it has also a completely sealed controller. Operating voltage is 10-25 V DC. Motor itself has a very low power consumption.

Mr. Jaka Mohorič
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Brushless Motors/Drives (Atomizer)
Brushless Motors/Drives (Atomizer)

    • Low water consumption
    • High efficiency
    • Stainless steel parts
    • Various applications use (agricultural, sweepers, humidifying, etc.)
    • Integrated and sealed brushless controller
    • High speed brushless motor
  • Other custom design solutions up on your request.
  • Industrial and commercial

    • Water atomizer
    • Sprayer
    • Humidifier
    • Fogger
    • Agricultural usage