High efficiency vacuum motor

For its new vacuum motor, the company Domel received a gold award from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce for innovation

The new vacuum motor is a response to ever stricter energy requirements, which after 2017 will limit the highest permissible power to 900 W. The use of this aggregate in combination with Domel’s capsule is the best choice for attaining the energy label requirements from A+ to A+++.

The vacuum motor is outstanding for being compact, relatively light and energy-efficient. The motor is 30 percent lighter than comparable systems and 15 percent smaller, and it achieves an aerodynamic efficiency greater than 50 percent.

The new vacuum motor is an already adapted new capsule, which with proper installation makes a major reduction in the level of vibration and noise in the vacuum, and in developing the new vacuum it simplified the entire process from development to testing.

As a developmental supplier in the field of vacuums, Domel offers its partners comprehensive support in the selection of vacuum units, the method of installation and noise suppression, the measurement of vacuum efficiency and all other pertaining measurements.

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